We offer a wide range of branded quality manufacturer bandsaw blades. The range of product available extends from basic carbon band through the now traditional Bi-Metal M42 range to the newly developed Tungsten Carbide tipped high performance bandsaw for the most arduous of metal cutting applications. Whatever the cutting application, steel/ aluminium/ wood/ plastic, Sheffield Industrial Saws Limited have the solution to your problems and are the ideal partner to ensure your worries do not include excessive bandsaw cutting costs.


Carbon Steel Flexible
Inexpensive band for profile and general purpose use on low alloy metals and non-metals. Available as coil and welded loop in hook, regular raker and skip tooth forms.

Min 6mm x 0.64mm (¼ x 0.025 inches)
Max 35.5mm x 1.12mm (1¼ x 0.042 inches).

High Cobalt bimetal (HSCo) blade suited to high alloy steels, stainless, monel and nickel etc., in heavy sections and solids. The variable pitch M42 is recommended for interrupted cutting and M42 resists softening on high production sawing giving longer blade life and increased output. Available as coil or welded loop in hook, regular raker and variable pitch regular raker tooth forms. 

Min 12.7mm x 0.6mm (½ x 0.025 inches)
Max 80mm x 1.6mm (3 x 0.063 inches)

Carbide Tipped
For specialised cutting on materials that are difficult to cut. These high performance blades will last longer, cut faster and resist high temperatures making them a great choice for high production sawing of nickel based alloys, stainless steels, tool steels, cast iron, high speed steels and hardened steels.

Available in coil or welded loop in various geometries and precision ground tooth forms.

Min 12.7mm x 0.6mm (½ x 0.025 inches)
Max 80mm x 1.6mm (3 x 0.063 inches)




Regular Tooth:

Recommended for use on all ferrous metals and for general purpose cutting. It has a full round smooth gullet.

Hook Tooth (positive):

Used for non ferrous metals and heavy sections of iron and steel. This tooth form has a lengthened gullet and positive tooth shape, it has been developed for production cutting.

Variable Tooth Form:

Varied tooth sizes at regular intervals with each tooth achieving a slightly different cutting angle. Recommended for interrupted cutting e.g. pipes & tubes. Variable tooth form minimises chatter and reduces disruptive and costly vibration.

Positive Rake Variable Pitch:

Positive rake angle for maximum chip ejection. This tooth form gives maximum production when cutting heavier materials, solids, structural sections, tube, etc.

Skip Tooth:

Features a flat gullet which provides larger chip clearances when cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic. Used at high speeds.

Raker Set:

One tooth set to the right, the next to the left and the third is straight. Cutting is done mainly by the two side teeth while the straight tooth serves to eject the chips. The raker set gives a smoother surface and using a wider tooth set will contribute to faster cutting on heavier sections.