Sheffield Industrial Saws have designed a range of blade repair machinery specifically for the repair of our large diameter Hotsaw and Friction Saw range. The machinery is purchased by companies to use in house, which is perfect for companies with high rates of production and where time is really important to keep production flowing.


Flame Hardening Machine

The POWERFLAME has been specifically designed to flame harden Hot and Friction Saw Blades after grinding. The machine has been developed to work in conjunction with the POWERGRINDER in steel mills and repair centres. Like all of the machines in the Sheffield Industrial Saws range, the POWERFLAME provides strength and durability. It can accommodate blades from 1000mm up to 2400mm in diameter (40 – 94 inches)

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Hot Saw Sharpening Machine

The POWERGRINDER has been designed for the sharpening of hot and friction saw blades in steel mill and blade repair facilities. This revolutionary sharpening machine, under patent application, has been specifically designed for sharpening blades from 1400mm diameter up to 2400mm (55 inches – 94 inches).

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Tension Roll Machine

For use in the steel mill or repair facility, the Sheffield Industrial Saws POWERROLL has been specifically designed to tension hot and friction saw blades from 1000mm up to 2400mm diameter ( 39″ – 95″ ) from 6mm up to 16mm thick (1/4″ – 5/10″). Hydraulically driven motors ensure uniformity of pressure application and the robust framework of the machine ensures that minimum maintenance is required. 

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Saw Sharpening Machine

The MASTERGRINDER saw sharpening machine is specifically built to sharpen hot and friction saws from 500mm to 1550mm diameter (20″ to 60″). Ideal for use in steel mills, tube mills and repair facilities, this machine has variable speed motors to both the grinding head and indexing mechanism to allow for maximum grinding efficiency.

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We also offer a repair service… to make your life easier. 

Perhaps you don’t require any industrial repair machinery and things would be simpler if you left it to us. Sheffield Industrial Saws offer the most sophisticated saw blade repair service in the UK. From a sharpen to a full blade overhaul we can provide the highest quality repair for your circular saw; whether it be a Segmental, Carbide Tipped, High Speed Steel or Friction Saw Blade. We have a fleet of vans on the road that can also take care of collection and delivery of your saw. For more information or to arrange collection of a blade please contact us.