POWERFLAME saw blade repair machinery

What is it?

The POWERFLAME has been specifically designed to flame harden Hot and Friction Saw Blades after grinding. The machine has been developed to work in conjunction with the POWERGRINDER in steel mills and repair centres. Like all of the machines in the Sheffield Industrial Saws range, the POWERFLAME provides strength and durability. It can accommodate blades from 1000mm up to 2400mm in diameter (40 – 94 inches).

The automated cycle ensures that hardening the saw teeth is a quick and simple operation and requires the minimum of operator supervision. Adjustable functions for different blade diameters, flame temperature and rotation speed ensure consistent hardening of any tooth profile.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed to achieve consistent depth of hardening at the specified level

  • Blade follower to ensure even tooth hardening

  • Operator friendly – automated cycle requires minimum operator supervision

  • Machine strength and durability

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Easy installation – no specialised foundations required


Machine Specification:

  • Variable rotation control to accommodate a wide range of pitches and tooth profiles

  • Fuel combinations – either Oxygen and Propane or Oxygen and Natural Gas

  • Burner Arrangement consists of 2 pre-heat burners and 2 main burners

  • Safety systems include the following:

    • Flashback arrestors

    • Automatic valve shut down should the flame accidentally extinguish

    • Continuous flame monitoring system

  • Auto – ignition system

  • Cycle Times between 10 and 50 minutes

  • Automatic flame shut down when hardening complete

  • Fully adjustable water flow to quench and cooling nozzles

  • Electrical Specification supplied compatible to customer requirements

Contact us to find out more about how the POWERGRINDER AND POWERFLAME work in conjunction.