What is it?

The POWERGRINDER has been designed for the sharpening of hot and friction saw blades in steel mill and blade repair facilities. This revolutionary sharpening machine, under patent application, has been specifically designed for sharpening blades from 1400mm diameter up to 2400mm (55 inches – 94 inches).

The strength and durability of the machine, particularly the grinding head, enables the easy repair of large diameter blades.

The machine offers unique efficiency and speed in the reforming of the tooth profile, on blades from 6mm to 16mm thick (1/4 – 5/8 inches).

Individual design features such as sealed for life bearings ensure minimum maintenance of the machine is required.

Key Features:

  • Machine strength and durability

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Easy installation – no specialised foundations required

  • Reduced regrinding time – up to 30% faster than other grinding machines

  • Operator friendly – easy access to operator controls and grinding head

POWERGRINDER saw blade repair machinery

Contact us to find out more about how the POWERGRINDER and POWERFLAME work in conjunction. We can talk you through their roles and how they can help your business.

Machine Specification:

  • Variable Grinding Stroke from 10mm – 50mm (3/8 – 2 inches)

  • 35 Strokes per minute

  • Heavy duty precision ground shafts for grinding head oscillation

  • Electrical specification supplied compatible to customer requirements

  • Up to 20 Degree tilt on grinding head for different tooth forms

  • Gravity fed forward stroke via internal counterweight system to prevent excessive load on grinding head

  • Individual stop / start and operation lights for: Grinding wheel motor, oscillation motor and dust extraction motor

  • Side floating arbor mounting for accurate blade centring

  • Reinforced bellows to protect slide ways from grinding dust

  • Automated cleaning system on Extraction Unit 

  • Hollow shaft ventilation system for effective dust extraction

  • Flexible light on grinding head for easy observation of grinding process