For use in the steel mill or repair facility, the Sheffield Industrial Saws POWERROLL has been specifically designed to tension hot and friction saw blades from 1000mm up to 2400mm diameter ( 39″ – 95″ ) from 6mm up to 16mm thick (1/4″ – 5/10″).

Hydraulically driven motors ensure uniformity of pressure application and the robust framework of the machine ensures that minimum maintenance is required.

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Machine Specification:

  • Piston force of 2 to 23 tonnes produces a 7 to 90 bar variable rolling pressure hydraulically applied.

  • Pressure indication gauge.

  • Hydraulic traverse for blade positioning

  • Six fully adjustable hydraulic ‘rockets’ for holding up the blade, 125mm of hydraulic lift available.

  • Hydraulic filter with blockage indicators.

  • Cut out switch for low hydraulic oil levels and visual sight glass for level checks.

  • High temperature hydraulic oil cut out switch

  • Operation of roller rotation from control panel

  • Application of roller load by foot pedal a safe distance from rolling operation

  • Easily accessible electrical panel with full overload protection and emergency stop button

POWERROLL saw blade repair machinery