Our Segmental saw blades are recognised in the UK as the superior blade for cold metal cutting. The UK leading steel stockholders and fabricators specify the SIS 54” segmental saw as their preferred blade for heavy cutting.


Conventional cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Diameter: 250mm to 1820mm (10 to 72 inches)
Kerf : 3mm to 15mm (0.12 to 5/8 inches)
No. Segments per saw: 12 to 40 depending on blade diameter

Segmental Tooth profiles

Tooth Profiles: 
Heller triple chip tooth form is standard, the high roughing tooth is chamfered on both sides and so only cuts in the centre and is alternated with the 0.38mm (0.0015″) lower finishing tooth which completes the cut.

Sheffield Industrial Saws Ltd Service

  • Manufacture and supply of segmental saw blades and spare segments.

  • Comprehensive resharpening and repair service

  • Technical advice on feed, speed, blade specification, repair, etc.

  • Recommendations on our Sheffmist Spray System and coolants

Segmental Saw blades

Blade Body: 
Chrome-Vanadium Steel bodies are flat ground and finished to a fine finish. Blades are levelled and tensioned to ensure vibration free, accurate cutting at operating speeds.

Manufactured from HSS with three hardness zones to provide a tough joint zone and a hard working zone with a tempered transition zone between the two.

Our standard segment is now the European standard 4 rivet hole pattern. There are also a limited range of 3 hole rivet segments available. Segments are grooved to fit onto the tongue of the blade body.

All segments are taper ground to provide adequate clearance throughout the working life of the segment. Accurately ground cooling channels allow cutting fluid to penetrate to the cutting edge.