What do we do?

Sheffield Industrial Saws provide products for every type of industrial cutting application both UK based and Worldwide. We offer blade repair and servicing for clients so they can get back to work quickly and with accurate results. We’ve also designed and supply several hotsaw blade repair machines that can be used in house for companies with a more regular repair requirement.

Who are we?

The company took over the machinery, equipment and labour force previously owned by Spear and Jackson International in 2009. We are the UK’s only producer of Hotsaw Blades used in steel section mills around the World. Sheffield Industrial Saws also recently acquired Atkinson Walker Saws as they continue to grow and develop their portfolio of industrial cutting products.



Circular Saws

Foremost in the SIS range of blades is the Hotsaw Blade used throughout the World in steel section rolling mills. We also have Friction Saws, Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT), Segmental and High Speed Steel (HSS).


Blade Servicing & Repair

We are trusted by many companies to maintain their saw blades in order to keep them working for longer and at the top of their ability.

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Bandsaw Loops

We offer a wide range of branded quality manufacturer bandsaw blades. The range of product available extends from basic carbon band through to the newly developed Tungsten Carbide tipped high performance blades.


Blade Repair Machinery

We supply companies worldwide with the machinery to repair blades. Our machines range from the Powerflame to the Mastergrinder, everything you need to keep your business sawing consistently and to the highest available ability.


SIS have a dedicated manufacturing plant in Sheffield employing an array of experienced staff with a shop-floor workforce who can boast a combined experience of over 900 years in the manufacturing of the highest quality circular saw blades. Our product range extends across Hotsaw, Friction Saw, Segmental, Tungsten Carbide tipped, SawMill Blades, Log Saw Blades and solid High Speed Steel circular blades as well as bandsaw blades.

Dedicated Manufacturing

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We’ve taken over Atkinson Walker Saws

Two of the leading British saw blade manufacturers for over 89 years join forces to give our customers a full portfolio of British made Saws. We are very proud to be still manufacturing industrial quality circular saw blades in Sheffield.

We have the expertise, modern equipment and techniques alongside traditional skills and with our highly skilled workforce, we stand out from other manufacturers when it matters.


We are confident that we will be able to provide you with the machines, blades and services you need for your industry.

Please get in touch to if you need a quote, more information or if you just aren’t sure if we have the products you need.

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